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Are we the Crew for You?

How To Join


Request an invite from the link above. Emailing me about you at [email protected] with some information about how you can help make our crew better would definatley help. Mics are a huge bonus when selecting members. 

Informational Powerpoint

We will hold events together and do them as a group. We hope that one of our crew members will live stream the events through twitch or youtube for publicity of the crew. These events will be fun and be playlists of jobs or any ideas we come up with together. We will have fun in full servers and play custom jobs and have a great time together. Mics are preferred if you have them.
This is all a dream right now and our crew needs members.  Please request an invite for the group and spread the word. Looking for managers and commissioners of the crew along with people to blog about it, youtube it, hold events, create and or rate jobs, and any other thing you can do to help our crew out.
Our Goals
-To play fun jobs together and host events together
-Become one of the biggest PS4 crews and one of the funnest
-Create Jobs for other users to play
-Just to have fun
Event Handlers