All Events Will Be In Eastern Time (EST or ET)

These Events will begin to take place once our Crew gains enough members. Stay posted and i will update this.

Every Monday (Mix)
Mash Up Monday (12 Noon EST)
Hosted by: (Me) fragmagic15
Playlist with a mix of gamemodes and jobs of all varieties.
Every Tuesday (Raceday)
Tear It Up Tuesday (12 Noon EST)
Hosted by: (Me) fragmagic15
Playlist with all races, parkours, spirals, wallrides, and anything in this nature.
Every Thursday (Deathmatch)
Wake Up Wednesdsay (12 Noon EST)
Hosted by: (Me) fragmagic15
Playlist with all deathmatches, custom deathmatches, and demolition derbies
More Events To Come
Members or non members, email me at [email protected] if you want to host an event or have an idea for an event. Give me the information of the event and the time and I will post it on this event board.
Events are playlists we play together at certain times hosted by one individual from the crew. Some days it might be all races, others all deathmatches, others all mods, others maybe a mixup, and so on. Read the event, the time (EST), the descripition and who its hosted by. Then just be online at that time and accept the invite. Its as easy as that. We promote you to livestream our events as well as spread the word in anyway you can.
Lets Play
Full jobs would be great and people with mics are expected. We can have fun together, making money together.